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Mobi Ksh Africa Company Limited, trademarked and doing business as MobiKash, is an independent mobile commerce provider offering mobile money transfer service that works across all mobile networks, all banks, merchants, Billers etc.

MobiKash allows every one of its users in Nigeria to manage and perform a wide range of financial transactions from their mobile phone and other channels, such as the Internet, POS terminals and ATMs. MobiKash links directly with Banks, MFIs, Cooperative Unions and Bill Issuers/merchants. MobiKash allows users to link up to a total of 15 bank accounts from any bank. The MobiKash model also allows bank customers to conveniently withdraw cash directly from their bank accounts at the MobiKash agent outlets without having to reveal their bank account details to the Agents. MobiKash thus allows interoperability between various players in the financial and payments industry.

The Mobikash solution is well tailored towards the rural dwellers that have little or no access to financial services due to lack of presence of financial institutions, like banks, in those remote areas. Mobikash thus, brings financial inclusion to those that are excluded from financial services due to their locations.

In Nigeria and most of African countries the banks and other financial institutions are, due to huge capital investment involved in establishing branches and heavy reliance on internet connectivity, located in the urban areas thereby leaving out the rural area where internet connectivity is poor or not accessible at all and most of all it is believed that commercial activities are very low in those regions.

This situation created a huge business opportunity for the Mobikash business model. By deploying a USSD banking technology to those regions that are excluded from financial service by the conventional banking model are brought financial